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The ZeroWater filters can be purchased in various multipacks, including the 1-pack. The ZeroWater filter combines five different water filter technologies that together can remove almost all pollution from your drinking water. These filters are specially made for the ZeroWater water jugs .

ZeroWater filter operation

The first layer filters small particles and sediment. The water goes through a foam distributor. This distributes the water evenly and ensures more efficient filtering.

The water passes through a multi-layer activated carbon and oxidation reduction alloy. This filter removes all contaminants and organic substances from the water. It also prevents mold and reduces chlorine and other heavy metals.

The ionization exchanger removes the foreign ions from the water molecules and then returns them in a pure state. Finally, the water passes through an ultra-fine sieve, which also removes the ultra-fine particles.

After all these filter layers, all that remains is wonderfully pure water without dissolved substances or other contaminants.

And when should you replace the filter?

Unfortunately it is not possible to give an exact lifespan for the filter. This is because the amount of pollution per water tap is different. To know when you need to replace the filter, you will receive a free TDS meter with every jug. You put this in the water every week to test whether it is time to replace the filter. Want to know more about the TDS meter or how to assemble the water jug? Then read the full manual .

Pay attention!

Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection. Municipal water is drinkable unless otherwise stated.




1 x ZeroWater Waterkan filter




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